Impeachment Then and Now

As you probably know by now that the Impeachment of President Trump was only the third time in our country’s history. When something this monumental happens, we all stand still to watch, some of us stay standing for a bit longer. When our country faces an impeachment, we the people will face trying times and no matter what the outcome is Congress will have set a new standard for  future Presidents. This decision will not fade away anytime soon, and the country will hold for better or worse to that decision. 

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Follow Your Dreams

Luke Engelhaupt at Rockefeller Center

I have been thinking, is it right to be telling kids that success is getting the highest paying jobs? There is no doubt that money is a luxury which could be used for a better quality of life, but maybe we are focusing on the wrong things. We should be inspiring the younger generation to pursue their dreams – whether it be a CEO of a Forbes 100 company or being an artist that spends their time creating pieces in a small studio. 

Dreams are more then a job. Dreams give our bodies life and makes us human. We shouldn’t spend 40+ hours working just to get by. We should be focusing on our family, friends and doing things that make us better people. We should be telling our kids they should pursue becoming the best versions of themselves. When we give them our undying support to chase their dreams, they start to realize they can change the world.  

Sadness can be Scary

Denver Railyard

Depression is a growing threat to our country, especially in rural communities. Many experts who are better prepared to answer the question about why this is happening will give you several correct (nothing in science is every “correct”, just highly possible or likely. So I would omit this word.) answers. I believe, or at least for myself, it’s because we have unreal expectations we put on our selves (one word) and for the world to live up too.