Should we burn our bridges?

We have all heard the phase don’t burn your bridges. I have been told at some point you may need something back on the other side of that bridge. Most of my life I have believed this until  I came a crossed the story of Hernán Cortés and why he burnt all of his ships.

The story goes Hernán Cortés was on a conquest of South America, and he believed the failure was not an option, so he burned his ships when he arrived in Mexico. Cortés wanted to make sure they knew there was no going back. He believed that if his men knew if times got tough they could retreat to the safety of their ships, they would never to be successful.

For myself, I believe that was a little too crazy especially when lives are on the line. However, there is something to be said about his methods and being successful. If you get rid of everything that you can fall back on, then you only have one path, and that is forward. Once you start on that path and you have burned your ships there is no point in looking back because there is nothing to look back on.

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