The New Normal

I’m writing this in December of 2018 because I know this problem will again be on our minds, and all I would need to do is add the location and the number of victims To make this piece relevant. Gun violence in schools has become a large part of our country’s DNA and its hard to see it changing in the near future. I wish it would change. I’m tired of reading about how 8 were injured and Kendrick Castillo who was killed in STEM School shooting in Highlands Ranch.

How have we not figured out how to stop these senseless deaths in schools? The first memorable school shooting took place 20 years ago at Columbine High School in 1999. Why is this still a thing and why do I have little faith that things will change for the better. It’s sad to say, but we are missing the willpower to make the changes we need to have safer schools.

There is a cost to solving or not solving this problem, and we are going to be paying it one way or another. Currently, we are paying with the lives of our youth; I don’t believe anyone thinks this is right, but our lack of willpower has made it so. Arming teachers is a fool’s errand because teachers want to help students achieve and not to defend their class in the same fashion as a police officer. Let’s face it if you want a good guy with a gun to stop a bad guy with a gun the good guy will need countless hours of training, the same training as a police officer because any reasonable person will have a hard time taking a human life. We could attempt to pay for the care of our mentally ill at a great expense, and we don’t know if it will work. Another option is to remember that our freedoms are not free. Some liberties are starting to cost more than we should be paying. I’m tired of being known as the country that pays in human life for freedom that the majority of Americans want to see changed.

After 30 years of school shootings with no answer in sight, it’s on all of us now. Continuing to do nothing will cause future generation to question our values as Americans If they are not already. We need to put the fear in all of our elected officials that their time representing us is over — the same fear that each kid feels when they are at school and hear gunfire.

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