The End of the Legislative Session and What is Next

The Colorado Legislative session ended a few weeks ago, and we can tell the Colorado Democratic party took advantage of being in control. Some of the most significant changes we saw this cycle is full-day kindergarten, Adoption of National State Compact, the Red Flag bill, and finally oil reform. The far left is happy, and the far right is very upset, consequently attempting some recalls. With the pendulum of politics swinging in favor of the left at the moment, the Republicans are putting themselves between a rock and a hard place.

Colorado is experiencing a massive population boom with most of that growth being  young people that come from progressive states. This change is causing the makeup of our state to develop and is less favorable for Republicans. I believe the Colorado Republicans are going to shift their platform to stand a chance in our growing progressive state. I am interested to see what Ken Buck the new Chairman of the Colorado Republican Party, will do to retake some power.

Next year will be an election year, and I am willing to bet the state’s legislation will be more middle of the road and will focus on bipartisan issues like transportation. For my Republican friends, This will be some relief from the wave of blue policies. However, Republicans are going to have a fight on their hands trying to take back some power in 2020. The biggest fight will be to keep US Senator Cory Gardner in office. Polling has shown that Senator Gardner is in trouble and will be in the battle of his career. Cory has deep pockets but will that be enough in 2020. We will find out in 18 months. 

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