A Rising Tide Lifts all​ Boats

About two years ago I bought my 1,000 sqft condo for 202,000, and as of today my condo is valued at 253,000, I’m happy about that. Most of that gain is from Denver’s booming economy. The phrase a rising tide lifts all boats comes to mind when talking about one of my friends. This friend is selling his house in Wiggins, Colorado. A few years back he bought this house for 105,000 and is putting it back on the market for 235,000. This tide has been good for him as well even tho Wiggins economy is less than vibrant.

 Looking at some of my other friends, I can say this tide is not lifting all boats. For one tide to raise others, have to lower, and I wish this weren’t the case. I hope your boat is on the rise. If not, I know it can be hard and keep swimming because tides do turn and it will be your time to rise.

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  1. I traveled south through Wiggins and couldn’t believe the huge housing complex there. Apartment complexes and houses from 300k to 450k. Some are happy to have the growth and some are not happy about becoming a bedroom community to Front Range. I’m glad your friend will benefit! Just interesting how communities change….

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