As we all should know by now, bullying happens more often than not. Bullying can leave long-lasting harm to the ones who have been targeted. This harassment is not like it used to be with the advancement in technology. Victims are facing cyber attacks around the clock, and they can’t escape. You can see it every day, and adults are now partaking, especially on Twitter.

This problem is always going to be evolving, but it’s not a problem we can’t solve. We need to talk about bullying with our kids and among our selves. Attacking people for what they look like, they’re religious believes and social status isn’t right, and we do know better. 

Every person knows someone who has been bullied, and the majority of us have done bullying at some point in our lives. Hopefully, we have learned our lesson and can move forward together. If not, victims take matters in their own hands, and others who are innocent by-standards will be caught up in their pain.  

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