Impeachment Then and Now

As you probably know by now that the Impeachment of President Trump was only the third time in our country’s history. When something this monumental happens, we all stand still to watch, some of us stay standing for a bit longer. When our country faces an impeachment, we the people will face trying times and no matter what the outcome is Congress will have set a new standard for  future Presidents. This decision will not fade away anytime soon, and the country will hold for better or worse to that decision. 

Let us look back at the other Impeachment in my lifetime. President Bill Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky told us that stepping out on your marriage and lying about it is an impeachable offense but not severe enough to be removed from office. This is now the standard. That is why we didn’t see an impeachment inquiry with a similar situation with President Trump and Stormy Daniels. Before I get 1000 emails I do know there are differences between the two Presidents affairs and untruthful statements following. President Bill Clinton was a sitting President, and President Trump wasn’t, but his relationship was with a porn star. Now we know that if a President has an affair they will not be removed from office, but is it still frowned upon.

This last impeachment inquiry has set a new precedent for Presidents, and it freaks me out. Congress has set the bar so low the standard is now that a President can now hold aid from foreign governments until they receive a political favor. Let that sink in for a moment and what that really means. A President can ask for a favor and the taxpayers will be paying for it.  Some of you will think that this is not an impeachable offense. I just want you to remember this when a Democratic President does something similar because now we have made it an tolerable  act. When the power shifts and a Democratic President is in the White House and holds aid until they receive a favor and Republicans are going to be mad unfortunately I will be able to say just look what happened in 2020 with President Trump. I bet you that this will happen and it will be a sad day when I have to say I told you so.

After some time has passed, history will not recall the argument that was made stating just let it go because in the next election the American people will have their say, and they will vote. I do wish there were a few more Statesman left like Mitt Romney, a Republican that put his country before himself even at political risk. The damage is done, and the world now knows what we will let our President get away with. I just hope that one day we will step up and indeed become great again and stand for what is right and hold ourselves to a higher standard than just protecting our personal interests.  

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