About Cody

Cody Engelhaupt was born in Sterling, Colorado on February 26, 1988, to Tony and Janet Engelhaupt. Tony worked for the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad for 37 years and was always an active part of its local workers union until retiring in 2016. Janet, who grew up in a traditional Republican family, has been a beautician for over 30 years. Cody has two siblings, Tasha Roth and Luke Engelhaupt. Tasha is married with three children and resides in Ft. Collins. His younger brother, Luke is currently calling New York City home. As a youth, Cody attended both Saint Anthony’s Parochial School and RE-1 Valley grade schools. He participated in Boy Scout’s at the age of 8 and attained the status of Eagle Scout on his 18th birthday.

When Cody was 15 years old, he started working as a busser at the J ‘n’ L Café in Sterling. Cody worked there for almost ten years and grew into a manager role. He worked with the Hope Agency of Northeast Colorado, where he taught adults with mental disabilities for nearly 4 years. Servicing the community is nothing new for Cody Engelhaupt. It has been a way of life for him since becoming interested in public policy and politics in his junior year at Sterling High School.

In 2006, the School District was looking at potential budget cuts. Cody developed a plan to offset costs associated with printing by selling advertisement on the back of homework assignments. “I want the district to be strong and to be good for years to come.” From that point forward, Cody knew he had a purpose to serve the community. Engelhaupt started attending RE-1 Valley School Board meetings on a bi-monthly basis. In 2007, he became a candidate for the RE-1 Valley School District Board of Education. He did, however, lose the race by a mere 3%. Six months later, Cody was appointed to the Board of Education due to a lack of commitment from his competitor.

To keep his seat, he was required to run again in 2009. With no opposition, he remained on the board. His passion for community service is only matched by a passion for the American political system. Cody studied the philosophy of each party, but felt the founding principles of the Democratic Party to be more inline with his own. “I feel I want to give back to my community, and the Democratic Party’s kind of the underdog–and you always like to see them win, and their views are the same as mine.”  When Jennifer Felzien stepped down after serving as chairman of the Logan County Democrats after nine years, Cody became the chairman, “making him most likely the youngest county chair in the state.”He grew the party when other counties were shrinking.

In 2010 Cody decided to enter the race for District 1 Logan County Commissioner. During his campaign, Engelhaupt earned his Associates in Liberal Arts from Northeastern Junior College. Unfortunately, he was not successful and lost by a narrow margin of 3%, once again. At this time he said “the fight is not over just yet.”

In 2011, he ran once more for RE- 1 Valley School Board, this time facing a strong opponent. Cody won 67% of the vote and stated, “I feel honored that the voters in the school district appreciate my dedication and commitment to providing the best education for our students.” (1)(Waite, Sara “Logan County unofficial election results in” Sterling November 1, 2011). Engelhaupt transition to the position of Secretary/Treasure. During his time on the Board of Education, he spearheaded and sat on many different committees. Some of the most challenging projects was Four Day School Week Task Force, School Board Communication Team and was a community budget liaison. On Valentine’s Day of 2012, he once again he threw his hat in the ring for the District 2 Logan County Commissioner seat. During Cody’s 2012 Election for Logan County Commissioner, he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Colorado Christian University.

After Cody’s second loss for Logan County Commissioner he took a step back for politics by not seeking to hold on to chairman of the Logan County Democrats and resigning for the RE-1 Valley School Board to start focusing on a career, Cody took a job selling home security systems door to door. While he was in sales, Engelhaupt lived in over six different states in less than two years. After earning enough money to pay off his student loans and saved enough for a down payment on a house, he wanted to get back into education. In January of 2015, Cody accepted a job as an Admissions Counselor at Ashford University. Within his first year, he started helping active duty members of the military and veterans utilizing education benefits, and he also started his Master’s degree in Public Administration. In 2016 Cody Engelhaupt bought a condo that is located in Littleton, Colorado. At the beginning of 2017, Cody completed his Masters. He decided that its time to get back involved in his local community once again. “I have been a spectator for a way too long, and after I have seen what has been going on at the national, state and even the local level, I can’t watch as our country fails in this experiment in democracy. ” When asked about what he is planning on doing Cody will tell you “I don’t want to ruin the ending of my story, but this next part will be worth the wait.”