Impeachment Then and Now

As you probably know by now that the Impeachment of President Trump was only the third time in our country’s history. When something this monumental happens, we all stand still to watch, some of us stay standing for a bit longer. When our country faces an impeachment, we the people will face trying times and no matter what the outcome is Congress will have set a new standard for  future Presidents. This decision will not fade away anytime soon, and the country will hold for better or worse to that decision. 

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I’m Back

Cody Engelhaupt and his 66 Mustang

I have missed you and sorry for the cliff hanger last summer. I had a few things come up that needed my attention. I am now a married man, moved to Pueblo, started a new job at CSU-Pueblo, and bought a house that was built in 1891; even came with a name, The William and Elizabeth Manor. 

Without stretching the truth, you can say my life is different. The same could be said about our country’s politics as well. Only two other times in our country’s history has a president been impeached. This entry will skip that conversation and come back to it at a later date. 

This coming year the Democratic Party will be picking their candidate for President and there are a lot of options. Needless to say, I’m going to have some opinions to share. I will not be shying away from controversy and hopefully expanding my readership along the way. If you want to follow me more than just in print, please go to my website.  

Here’s to 2020, let us roll the dice and let’s see what happens. At the end of this year, our country could be very different or at least create new standards for the presidency for future generations. 


Hanging Lake Winter

June is known for being Pride Month, and Denver has one of the biggest Pride parades in our country. Colorado also has the first openly gay Governor! None of this is hard to believe in 2019; however, if you think of where Colorado was in the 90’s it’s kind of hard to guess. In 1992 Colorado was labeled as the hate state after passing Amendment 2 that forbid homosexuals and bisexuals as a protected class. Our state has made a massive transition in my lifetime. 

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New York City

As we all should know by now, bullying happens more often than not. Bullying can leave long-lasting harm to the ones who have been targeted. This harassment is not like it used to be with the advancement in technology. Victims are facing cyber attacks around the clock, and they can’t escape. You can see it every day, and adults are now partaking, especially on Twitter.

This problem is always going to be evolving, but it’s not a problem we can’t solve. We need to talk about bullying with our kids and among our selves. Attacking people for what they look like, they’re religious believes and social status isn’t right, and we do know better. 

Every person knows someone who has been bullied, and the majority of us have done bullying at some point in our lives. Hopefully, we have learned our lesson and can move forward together. If not, victims take matters in their own hands, and others who are innocent by-standards will be caught up in their pain.  

A Rising Tide Lifts all​ Boats

Cherry Creek Park 2

About two years ago I bought my 1,000 sqft condo for 202,000, and as of today my condo is valued at 253,000, I’m happy about that. Most of that gain is from Denver’s booming economy. The phrase a rising tide lifts all boats comes to mind when talking about one of my friends. This friend is selling his house in Wiggins, Colorado. A few years back he bought this house for 105,000 and is putting it back on the market for 235,000. This tide has been good for him as well even tho Wiggins economy is less than vibrant.

 Looking at some of my other friends, I can say this tide is not lifting all boats. For one tide to raise others, have to lower, and I wish this weren’t the case. I hope your boat is on the rise. If not, I know it can be hard and keep swimming because tides do turn and it will be your time to rise.

The End of the Legislative Session and What is Next

Denver Protest

The Colorado Legislative session ended a few weeks ago, and we can tell the Colorado Democratic party took advantage of being in control. Some of the most significant changes we saw this cycle is full-day kindergarten, Adoption of National State Compact, the Red Flag bill, and finally oil reform. The far left is happy, and the far right is very upset, consequently attempting some recalls. With the pendulum of politics swinging in favor of the left at the moment, the Republicans are putting themselves between a rock and a hard place.

Colorado is experiencing a massive population boom with most of that growth being  young people that come from progressive states. This change is causing the makeup of our state to develop and is less favorable for Republicans. I believe the Colorado Republicans are going to shift their platform to stand a chance in our growing progressive state. I am interested to see what Ken Buck the new Chairman of the Colorado Republican Party, will do to retake some power.

Next year will be an election year, and I am willing to bet the state’s legislation will be more middle of the road and will focus on bipartisan issues like transportation. For my Republican friends, This will be some relief from the wave of blue policies. However, Republicans are going to have a fight on their hands trying to take back some power in 2020. The biggest fight will be to keep US Senator Cory Gardner in office. Polling has shown that Senator Gardner is in trouble and will be in the battle of his career. Cory has deep pockets but will that be enough in 2020. We will find out in 18 months. 

The New Normal

Denver Protest

I’m writing this in December of 2018 because I know this problem will again be on our minds, and all I would need to do is add the location and the number of victims To make this piece relevant. Gun violence in schools has become a large part of our country’s DNA and its hard to see it changing in the near future. I wish it would change. I’m tired of reading about how 8 were injured and Kendrick Castillo who was killed in STEM School shooting in Highlands Ranch.

How have we not figured out how to stop these senseless deaths in schools? The first memorable school shooting took place 20 years ago at Columbine High School in 1999. Why is this still a thing and why do I have little faith that things will change for the better. It’s sad to say, but we are missing the willpower to make the changes we need to have safer schools.

There is a cost to solving or not solving this problem, and we are going to be paying it one way or another. Currently, we are paying with the lives of our youth; I don’t believe anyone thinks this is right, but our lack of willpower has made it so. Arming teachers is a fool’s errand because teachers want to help students achieve and not to defend their class in the same fashion as a police officer. Let’s face it if you want a good guy with a gun to stop a bad guy with a gun the good guy will need countless hours of training, the same training as a police officer because any reasonable person will have a hard time taking a human life. We could attempt to pay for the care of our mentally ill at a great expense, and we don’t know if it will work. Another option is to remember that our freedoms are not free. Some liberties are starting to cost more than we should be paying. I’m tired of being known as the country that pays in human life for freedom that the majority of Americans want to see changed.

After 30 years of school shootings with no answer in sight, it’s on all of us now. Continuing to do nothing will cause future generation to question our values as Americans If they are not already. We need to put the fear in all of our elected officials that their time representing us is over — the same fear that each kid feels when they are at school and hear gunfire.

My Love-Hate Relationship with Oil

Mount Evans

 I used to have a love-hate relationship with the petroleum industry but SB-181 forced me to take my flag out of the middle and throughly examine both sides.
Growing up in a rural Colorado community, high paying jobs were limited. The house I grew up in was on the same road as an oil service company. It’s an oil owner went way above and beyond to take care of his employees, and that’s something that stuck with me. It’s hard to be in a conflict with a company who really takes care of their workers so companies like this are a bright spot in the industry.

Still, climate change is real and for those who still don’t think it’s true, please go to my website where I posted a few of my peers reviewed articles about climate change.

I was also irritated this year when a campaign of misinformation regarding a bill the Colorado General Assembly was considering was everywhere.

Protect Public Welfare Oil and Gas Operation (SB-181) is a 29-page bill that is easy to read and was signed into law on April 16.       I encourage everyone to take the time and read the bill.

The big takeaways of SB-181 are it directs the Colorado Air Quality Control Commission to adopt rules to minimize emissions, directs Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission to now regulate, gives local control to local government, increases. the rights of property owners affected by forced pooling and finally makes sure that the state of Colorado is not on the hook for oil and gas wells that are abandoned.

There are a lot of parts I could break down and discuss one by one, but honestly I feel that there are only really two points of controversy regarding the new law, and one has nothing to do with the bill.

First is the local control piece. SB-181 will let counties and municipalities set their own rules like setbacks. Some parts of this state care a lot about setbacks and not so much for others. In my opinion, the oil companies did a much better job in the past than they are doing today. Oil companies did do an excellent job of not poking the bear and staying away from more populated parts of our state with drilling. However, the state is changing and parts of the state that weren’t affected now could be. Increasing local control will cause the oil lobbyists to have some presence all across the state instead of just in Denver, and that will be costly.

Second is the economic anxiety that the oil industry is facing just as the coal industry did. For the first time in our country’s history, electric cars outsold the combustible engine. This economic shift isn’t something new to this country, but is just more, when it happens now. 

Historically, the work of blacksmiths who shoed horses evolved into automotive plant workers, then assembly line workers and now are engineers for automation in the factory.

To my dismay, this anxiety will not be going away. It’s just not how our economy works and oil field workers will slowly transition to a different career, perhaps even becoming a wind farm technician.

I said at the beginning I had a love-hate relationship on this subject mostly because of how the industry took care of their employees. SB-181 will not be the end of the industry but there will be a shift. The biggest danger will come from the economy and what changes will come from consumer preference. 

The most popular industry always wins but don’t take my word on it, just ask a former Blockbuster employee.

Should we burn our bridges?

Cherry Creek Park 1

We have all heard the phase don’t burn your bridges. I have been told at some point you may need something back on the other side of that bridge. Most of my life I have believed this until  I came a crossed the story of Hernán Cortés and why he burnt all of his ships.

The story goes Hernán Cortés was on a conquest of South America, and he believed the failure was not an option, so he burned his ships when he arrived in Mexico. Cortés wanted to make sure they knew there was no going back. He believed that if his men knew if times got tough they could retreat to the safety of their ships, they would never to be successful.

For myself, I believe that was a little too crazy especially when lives are on the line. However, there is something to be said about his methods and being successful. If you get rid of everything that you can fall back on, then you only have one path, and that is forward. Once you start on that path and you have burned your ships there is no point in looking back because there is nothing to look back on.