I am Moving

Sterling Landscape

Soon I will be moving to Pueblo for a position at CSU-Pueblo. Over the next few weeks, I will be busy, and I will not be able to continue Keeping up with Cody the podcast on regular bases. Keeping up with Cody will resume after my move is complete. I will be doing my best to maintain my weekly posts and Column. Thank you for all the support, and I apologize for any inconvenience.

My Parents House

9/11 Memorial

The House I was raised in is something of a novelty. This house was in the middle of nowhere, but you would have never known. When I was in high school, my friends were always over invited or not, and now this house has become more of a location for hosting candidates seeking higher office. 

When I return to visit I rarely leave that house because it has become one of the most relaxing places I know. Since my parents are now retired, their home has been collecting a few things mostly from estates sales. Being a fan of history, I have not minded the clutter. However, that house is always in some transition, and we will see what is next for my parent’s house.

Keeping up with Cody Last Weeks Headlines in 2 min June 30 -July 6

U.S.-China Trade Talks Are Back On but Obstacles Remain

Trump Steps Into North Korea and Agrees With Kim Jong-un to Resume Talks

U.N. watchdog confirms Iran has breached nuclear deal stockpile limit

Hong Kong protesters smash way into legislative building on anniversary of Chinese rule

Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez Says What We’re All Thinking About Ivanka Trump

Will Smith Feels ‘Humbled and Honored’ After Aladdin Becomes the Biggest Movie of His Career

House Democrats sue Trump administration over president’s tax returns

Pence’s abrupt travel cancellation sparks speculation

Democratic outrage grows over conditions at border detention centers

Hickenlooper campaign in shambles

Nike’s Betsy Ross flag sneaker controversy gets mixed Twitter reaction

Trump says he is ‘absolutely moving forward’ with census citizenship question, contradicting his own administration

Military vehicles roll into DC for July 4 celebration — with some problems

‘Help, 40 days here’: Photos show migrants crammed into U.S. border facilities

Equal Rights Amendment Could Soon Be Back in Congress

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg praises Brett Kavanaugh

Military chiefs have concerns about politicization of Trump’s July 4th event

D.C. mayor slams Trump’s Fourth of July celebration

Code Pink denounces no helium decision for Trump baby blimp

NRA meltdown has Trump campaign sweating

American Pride Hits New Low; Few Proud of Political System


Hanging Lake Winter

June is known for being Pride Month, and Denver has one of the biggest Pride parades in our country. Colorado also has the first openly gay Governor! None of this is hard to believe in 2019; however, if you think of where Colorado was in the 90’s it’s kind of hard to guess. In 1992 Colorado was labeled as the hate state after passing Amendment 2 that forbid homosexuals and bisexuals as a protected class. Our state has made a massive transition in my lifetime. 

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Keeping up with Cody Last Weeks Headlines in 2 min June 23-29

U.S., Iran Step Up Rhetoric After Washington’s Sanctions Threat

Trump vehemently denies E. Jean Carroll allegation, says ‘she’s not my type’

Mueller could face two subpoenas to testify before Congress

9/11 First Responder Luis Alvarez, Who Testified with Jon Stewart, Is Now in Hospice Care

Trump says he may not reach out to 2020 swing voters

Senate rebukes Trump with vote to block arms sales to Saudi Arabia, UAE

Stephanie Grisham Named White House Press Secretary, Communications Director

U.S. Special Counsel Mueller to testify before House panels on July 17: statement

House passes $4.5B border funding bill

Eric Trump says employee at Chicago bar spit on him

House panel weighs Kellyanne Conway’s Hatch Act violations, whether to subpoena her testimony

Manafort pleads not guilty in NY Supreme Court to fraud charges

The first Democratic debate offered plenty to cheer for

McConnell willing to vote on new Dem president’s Supreme Court nominee

Supreme Court rules against Trump on census citizenship question

Supreme Court Redistricting Decision Could Reshape Politics

Trump flashes a grin, tells Putin not to meddle in US election during first post-Mueller report meeting

ACLU sues Colorado county sheriff, claims plan to assist federal immigration agency violates state law

Supreme Court to decide future of DACA protections for undocumented immigrants