Impeachment Then and Now

As you probably know by now that the Impeachment of President Trump was only the third time in our country’s history. When something this monumental happens, we all stand still to watch, some of us stay standing for a bit longer. When our country faces an impeachment, we the people will face trying times and no matter what the outcome is Congress will have set a new standard for  future Presidents. This decision will not fade away anytime soon, and the country will hold for better or worse to that decision. 

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Youthful Exuberance

Martin Luther King, Jr.
Last week the radio exposed me to Dion Diamond, and the title of the segment was The Civil Rights Activist Whose Name You’ve Probably Never Heard. Dion an African-American would go to restaurants and would sit at the “whites only” counter. In the segment Dion went on to say. “I’ve done some crazy things, but you take chances when you’re young. I call it youthful exuberance.” While contemplating this story on my commute to work, I began to think to myself, “Dion Diamond is a man’s name I never heard of, he risked his life by not only by standing up for what he believed in but for (the often misunderstood need) for social justice in a society blind to his cultural blight. Dion was arrested on various occasions for something he and others suffered from and that I will never experience; social injustice.
On this Martin Luther King, Jr. Day I wanted to honor the great man and do something much like Dion Diamond did and stand up for something I also believe and heave a metaphorical brick at intolerance and ignorance. Racism is still somehow prevalent and obviously abundant in our society, only year after United States of America’s first African-American president served his two consecutive terms. This encroaching darkness of ignorance is no longer symbolized by uninformed individuals who blame others for their own problems that they have created, this gelatinous blob of intolerance is now encase not only our society by our highest realm of governance as can be read in a recent article from the Washington post Trump: Why allow immigrants from ‘shithole countries.’
A guiding principle for myself and I would bet most Americans is who am I to judge or to think less of anyone based on race, religion or creed. I know that individuals have different faiths than my own, I understand others have different values then I do and, it is impossible to see how hard life has been for them. I do not know why The President of these United States called any country or any person a derogatory remark. Just because you do not understand the culture, you do not have right to think any less of it. I do not need to turn to the immortal words of Doctor King himself but my own Christian teachings in church. We judge a man based on his character not because of his lack of social and economic status. I would like to remind President Trump that if he were a true Christian like he constantly reminds people of that “by the grace of God go we.” He is no better than anyone else and we all together equally fall short of the perfection of Jesus Christ. Simply put Mister Trump showing contempt for your brother is not a tenant of the Christian faith or in that fact any faith of the world.
Another slap in the face to our founding fathers and us as Americans is the sentiment of preferring immigrants from specific countries. I was educated recently of the racial injustices often forgotten about of the Irish and Italians simply because they were not the same type of “white.” In our Declaration of Independence, it states that “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” How can President of the United States merely disregard the values of our country that we hold in such great esteem, so much so even that it was in the letter our founding fathers sent to Great Britain to state our independence! How can this wholly be ignored? No let me rephrase this questions how can WE allow this to be ignored! This country is made of immigrants not all of them came from desirable nations and they still make this country great. Most I believe even make our country better.
On this Martin Luther King, Jr. Day I believe it is time to read or re-read the speech that arguably changed our country for the better. I Have a Dream Speech by the Rev. Martin Luther King at the “March on Washington is a piece of literature that everyone should know. Hopefully, his speech will remind us that President Trump is only one man and his views are not a representation of the rest of us and our youthful exuberant country.